MDLI provides your company or Government agency with the best quality staff, most cost-effective hiring process, and excellent customer service…. we go above and beyond to serve you.

10 Step Process For Hire

Step 1: Access Expected Staffing Requirements

Step 2: Proactively Recruit for High Priority Positions

Step 3: Receipt of Requirement

Step 4: Posting and Candidates Search

Step 5: Candidate Qualification


Step 6: Candidate Submittal and Interview

Step 7: Candidate Acceptance

Step 8: Background Checks

Step 9: Hire Staff

Step 10: Employee Performance Review

BONUS Step: Retain Staff!

We Comply With Your Contract Requirements

  • Insurance
  • Rates
  • Period of Performance
  • Time to Delivery of Services

Extremely Efficient Response Time

MDLI has a highly experienced and efficient staff that’s able to reply within 24-48 hours with compliance and actual candidates for consideration.

Low Turnover

MDLI follows strict compliance to help you hire the best candidates. This prevents high turnover and creates long lasting, high-quality employees.

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you.  I have not worked with a more professional and caring company.”  

-Bob D., Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service Senior Contracting officer and subsequent MDLI employee